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Fences /Boundaries

All our fence styles can be customized with matching gates which can be either hinged or sliding.

Our aluminium fence systems are powder coated in a range of colours and are suitable for use in coastal environments.

They provide a low maintenance solution for fencing boundaries, pools and garden areas. When correctly specified and installed, they comply with the requirements of the fencing pool act.

Posts are available with baseplates. The high strength baseplate system avoids visible welds which are not only unsightly but also tend to weaken the post. Extended posts may also be supplied for setting in concrete footings.

Hinged vehicle and sliding gates area available.
The hinged vehicle gates are available as double-leaf hinged gates or single leaf hinged gates and can be fully automated. They are strong yet light, minimizing the structural requirements for supports posts and are carefully designed to be well proportioned and aesthetically pleasing as well as superbly functional.

Sliding gates can be fully automated with a variety of hardware options and automation devices available. They are made from aluminium and powder coated, providing a low maintenance fencing solution.

A variety of options are available for pedestrian gates, including latches and self-closing hinges that comply with pool regulations.

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